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Vintage original 18 x 14" (46 x 36 cm.) window card poster, USA. This is the only example of this poster (or ANY poster) for this film which I have ever had in my inventory. It turned up recently, because it had been used as cardboard backing inside a picture frame. It was trimmed down from an original size of 22 x 14" (56 x 36 cm.) to fit inside the frame, but that would have allowed for a lot of blank space. I am offering this poster without attempting to reconstruct the missing area, since the vast part of the actual printed area is present.
"While returning from Europe, Alonso White, of the U.S. Secret Service, receives a telegram at sea telling him where to learn of his next assignment. Meanwhile, in 'dear old Virginia,' Norma Shepard graduates from high school, and Miss Warren arranges a teaching job for her with a friend in Batesburg. Norma finds her way to Mary Austin's boardinghouse, refusing the advances of Jeff Ballinger, the town boss, along the way.

Mary is disturbed to find a note from Ballinger in which he expresses interest in Norma and states he will be around to see her. Wade Washington, a kind neighbor, introduces Alonso, who has just arrived at the roominghouse, as a new boarder. When Liza Hatfield, 'Ballinger's woman,' announces she is leaving, he shoots her. Arriving home an hour later, Washington, Liza's husband, finds her wounded. Although he tells her she deserves what has happened, he still loves her, but she hates him for not preventing her affair with Ballinger.

While walking by a lake a few days later, Alonso and Norma realize they are in love, though he still remains reticent about discussing his job. Liza writes Washington a note announcing she is leaving him and Batesburg. Alonso finally reveals to Norma that he has been sent to investigate Ballinger. When Ballinger arrives to see Norma, a confederate at a window tries to warn him of Alonso's presence, but instead Ballinger shoots the confederate. Alonso takes the handcuffed Ballinger to jail and upon returning, learns that Mary has departed for New York to be with her sister, leaving Norma alone. Alonso proposes marriage to Norma, and after she accepts, they leave for Harlem.

At the Radium Club, Norma recognizes Liza as an exotic singer. Liza is now married to Gomez, a Cuban who is head of the numbers racket. Mary has been spending all her money betting on the numbers and hating herself for it, because she needs $500 to pay for an operation for her sister. She places a large bet and wins, causing Gomez to flee. However, Liza catches and shoots Gomez, taking the money from him that belonged to her. Minutes later, Mary arrives to collect her winnings and, discovering Gomez's body, takes the $11,000 he owed her and leaves. Mary is prosecuted for the murder and sentenced to death, although Alonso still believes her innocent.

On board a ship, Alonso locates Liza and, by seducing her, obtains a confession from her. With the case brought to a successful conclusion, Mary returns to Batesburg and the newly wed Whites take a honeymoon in Bermuda." -
Aside from being trimmed, poster has some fraying in margins and signs of light handling, overall VERY GOOD.

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