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ROSE RED (1992)

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An archive of scripts for this series of television feature films, along with the script for its sequel (four scripts in all, plus many pages of revisions on a wide variety of colors of paper):

  • Rose Red by Stephen King. Three scripts for "Nights One", "Two", and "Three", in a three ring binder, dated up through June 1, 2000. 100, 99, 97 pp. [but with many additional pages of revisions on a rainbow of colors, so that this binder probably contains at least 400 pages of text] NEAR FINE.
  • The Diary of Ellen Rimbauer Teleplay by Ridley Pearson 11/19/02 [with revisions on colored paper dated up through 1/9/03] Self-wrappers, brad bound, 83 pp. [but with a number of added pages of revisions on colored paper], NEAR FINE.
  • Two (2) blueprints, both double folio in size, one of the exterior of the Limbauer, one of its second floor. Both unfolded, NEAR FINE.
Horror master Stephen King had long wanted to write a haunted house movie. After a number of false starts while working with Steven Spielberg, King eventually came to write and produce this television series of three consecutive feature films, about a spooky mansion in Seattle, which is capable of making people inside it disappear, and which seems to keep growing on the inside (while there is no sign of this from the outside). The series was a considerable popular success, and it spawned The Diary of Ellen Rimbauer, effectively a prequel set many decades earlier.

Archive (four scripts, two blueprints)

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